Android 11 version for PM451 has been released!

  • OS Version: 41.51 (Jul 12 2022)
  • SDK: v3.25.03

Experience enhanced and added features in PM451 Android 11 compared to Android 9.

<New in PM451 Android 11>

Convenience FeaturesPrivacy & SecurityEnterprise
  • Dark theme
  • Built-in Screen Record
  • Join Wi-Fi by QR code
  • One-time Permissions
  • Permissions auto-reset
  • Scoped storage
  • Work profile enhancements

Refer to THIS ARTICLE to find more detail.

Upgrade from Android 9 to 11

PM451 can be upgraded to Android 11 using FOTA. (OS package (PFU) is not provided.)

Please contact Point Mobile sales team if you want to upgrade your PM451.

Refer to this article to find how to upgrade.