Point Mobile supports upgrading Android version for some models.

  • Android 8 to 9: PM45, PM85
  • Android 9 to 11: PM451, PM90
  • Android 10 to 11: PM30

And upgrade requires certification by Point Mobile.

To check the certification, an Upgrade Certification process (PULS program) has been added from the OS version released on October 2021.

Check the PULS program applied OS version in APPLIES TO section, and find the way to pass the program in this article.


Android Upgrade Available Models

  • PM85 Android 8 → Android 9: 85.25 (Dec 02 2021) and higher
  • PM45 Android 8 → Android 9: 45.74 (Sep 29 2021) and higher
  • PM451 Android 9 → Android 11: 41.51 (Jul 12 2022) and higher
  • PM90 Android 9 → Android 11: 90.52 (Oct 21 2022) and higher
  • PM30 Android 10 → Android 11: All versions

When does certification activate?

It activates when the following two conditions are met.

  • Upgrade / Update to new version: After upgrading to the version written in APPLIES TO, it will activate.

Register S/N to Pass Certification!

  • To pass the certification, you must request to register device S/N to Point Mobile's certification database.
  • Send device S/N (serial number) to Point Mobile sales team. After registration, connect network to the device and pass the certification.
    (Registration takes less than 2 workdays.)

More Information...

For more detail, please refer to the attached guide below.