EmKiosk is Point Mobile's solution for security and productivity. 

EmKiosk helps the common users focus on their work and prevents the leak of information by restricting the usage of the device.

This article describes how to set up the EmKiosk via Scan2Stage.


  • Point Mobile devices running higher than Android 8.1 or PM500
  • Scan2Stage

Install EmKiosk

Select one of the install options

If you select Install or update from custom location, the input box will activate. Please put the custom location address to it.

EmKiosk Setting_1

When you choose an install option(except Do not Install or update), EmKiosk detail setting panel will be displayed.

Company Name

- Put your company's name

Kiosk Password

- Set the password which is used to unlock the EmKiosk

Company Background Image download URL

- Type an image file destination or image file URL

About Image File

  • URL : including http:// or https://
  • File path : Path should be started with /storage/emulated/0/

EmKiosk support portrait mode only

For best results, we recommend image resolution 720x1280 or 1080x1920

EmKiosk Setting_2

Kiosk screen is 4X4 Grid layout by default. You can map the apps to each grid.

In Scan2Stage console, When you click one of grid, a dialog will show up for mapping the apps.

Input the package name and activity name of the app which you want to map. Please refer to the below to find this information.

Click to find package&activity name

Application NamePackage NameActivity Name
Power Launcherdevice.apps.launcherlockdevice.apps.launcherlock.LauncherLockActivity
Program Buttonsdevice.apps.buttondevice.apps.button.ProgramButtonsActivity
Direct Clone                            device.apps.pmbackupdevice.apps.pmbackup.BackupRestoreActivity
LogTrace                                device.apps.logtracedevice.apps.logtrace.MainActivity
Scan2Set    device.apps.scan2setdevice.apps.scan2set.MainActivity
ScanSetting   device.settings.scannerdevice.settings.scanner.ScanSettingsActivity
System Information                   device.apps.systeminformationdevice.apps.systeminformation.SystemInformationActivity
Take Bug Report                      device.apps.bugreportdevice.apps.bugreport.BugReportActivity
Touch Sensitivity                      device.apps.touchsensitivitydevice.apps.touchsensitivity.ShortcutActivity
GPS Demodevice.demo.gpsdemodevice.demo.gpsdemo.GpsDemoActivity
Image Demo                           device.demo.imagerdevice.demo.imager.ImageDemoActivity
Ping Demo                             device.demo.pingdevice.demo.ping.PingDemoActivity
Print Demo                             device.demo.printerdevice.demo.printer.PrintDemoActivity
Scan Demo                             device.demo.scannerdevice.demo.scanner.ScanDemoActivity
SAM Demodevice.demo.samdevice.demo.sam.SamDemoActivity
NFC Demodevice.demo.nfcdevice.demo.nfc.NfcDemoActivity
AirWatch linkdevice.apps.linkairwatchdevice.apps.linkairwatch.LinkAirWatchActivity
Mobicontrol Installernet.soti.mobicontrol.pointmobile.installernet.soti.mobicontrol.ui.InstallerSplashActivity
Teamviewer link device.apps.linkteamviewerqsaddondevice.apps.linkteamviewerqsaddon.LinkTeamViewerQSAddonActivity

What About The Other App?

If you want to know package and activity name of Google or other application, please use Apk Analyzer.

Please refer to the article below to figure out how to use Apk Analyzer.

If you want the app always launch first, whenever EmKiosk run or device reboot, check Auto Start.

Place at least one application on the EmKiosk. Otherwise, the EmKiosk application doesn't work properly.

EmKiosk Setting_3 (Only for Scan2Stage v10.0.5 and above)

From Scan2Stage v10.0.5, options of restrictions and accessible system settings are added.

In Settings, you can allow the users to use the checked settings. Unchecked settings are displayed in grey and inaccessible.

If you check the WiFi & Bluetooth, users can manage the features. The manageable options are Enabling/Disabling the features and scanning nearby devices/APs, and pairing a specific Bluetooth device. (Connecting a specific APs is not possible if the Wi-Fi whitelist is not set)

DisplaySoundWifi & Bluetooth

Note for EmKiosk

  1. Recent App button does not work
  2. You can see system status including wi-fi connection, battery status on the bottom side of the screen
  3. To unlock the EmKiosk, you must confirm your password that you set