Expand your device's screen to external display device such as TV, monitor. 

You just need DisplayLink application and cradle supporting HDMI port.


  1. Make sure your devices are in the APPLIES TO list below.
  2. You need HDMI cable for connecting the cradle and the display device.


PM85 ( OS version 85.03 and above )

PM90 ( OS version 90.02 and above )

Cradle supporting HDMI port

How to set up External display?

Install the DisplayLink application in your device.

If you are using PM90 and its OS version is 90.03 and above, SKIP this step.

DisplayLink is pre-installed to 90.03 OS image.

Connect HDMI cradle to the power adapter. And then, connect the cradle to the external display with HDMI cable.

Allow app permission to open the app automatically and clone your mobile device's screen (2 dialogues will show up).

Same as Step 1, if you are using PM90 (OS version 90.03 and above), Skip this step.

Check if an icon is shown on the notification bar.

Set Resolution and dpi

You can set the resolution and dpi to suit to your external display device.

This feature is only applied to

  • PM90 (OS version 90.03 and above)
  • PM85 (Running Android Pie)

  1. Go to Settings > Display > (Advanced) HDMI Settings
  2. Set HDMI Resolution and HDMI Density
Resolution1080 x 1920(default) / 720 x 1280

160(default for PM85) /

240(default for PM90) /

320 / 480 / 540

The setting values are applied only when the device is connected to HDMI cradle. And changed value applies immediately to the external display device.

You can find more detailed information in this Manual below. Please click the button below to download the manual.

Guide for Non-Preinstalled DisplayLink version

Guide for PM90(Preinstalled DisplayLink version)


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