Factory reset will erase all data from your device's internal storage.

You have a problem with your device or you want to reset your device, you may use factory reset.



How to Factory Reset PM45

  • If you can turn on the device and use the Settings app,

Navigate to Settings > Backup & reset

Tap Factory data reset

Please be aware that factory reset will erase all data. Tap RESET PHONE to start the factory reset

Tap RESET to confirm the factory reset

  • If you cannot turn on the device,

Press and hold Power + Volume Up + Home buttons simultaneously when turning on the device

After showing up "Smart Beyond Rugged" logo, release the buttons. Now your device is entered Android Recovery mode

Using Volume(move up&down) and Power(select) buttons, select 'Wipe data/factory reset'

After wiping the data, select 'Reboot system now'