If you want to use the Home, Back, and Recent buttons as other functions, read this article.

You can map the specific keycode to the buttons using the Program Buttons.


  • PM75: 75.07 (Apr 30 2024) and later
  • PM84: 84.04 (Mar 15 2024) and later
  • PM86: 86.02 (Mar 21 2024) and later

This feature will be applied to the models without the Home, Recent, Back buttons.

  • PM451 / PM351 / PM95, etc.

How to map other functions

Launch Program Buttons from EmKit.

Select the button among the button list referring to the following key name.

  • Home button → HOME
  • Back button → BACK
  • Recent button → APP_SWITCH

Enter a keycode as you want to map.

Refer to the Android Developer Site (see Constant Value of each keycode). 

Tap APPLY to save.