• The newer OS is released, but "Your device is up to date." is still displayed in System updates > FOTA
  • Update progress does not proceed.





PM550 - 55.06 and higher

PM550 under 55.06 version cannot use FOTA update. Please update PM550 with PFU file.


Point Mobile released a new FOTA application for improved security.

Previous FOTA is no longer available. So to perform OS update via FOTA, please download the new FOTA application from Point Mobile Service Portal and install it on your device.

OS Versions with Pre-install new FOTA

The new FOTA application is pre-installed on the OS version in the table below.

The device with those OS versions doesn't need to install the new FOTA application.

( You can check the OS version of your device in Settings About phone or System Build number )



(Android 8; Oreo)


(Android 9; Pie)


(Android 8; Oreo)


(Android 9; Pie)



OS Version

45.56 (Sep 15 2020) and higher

45.71 (Dec 04 2020) and higher

85.06 (Sep 14 2020) and higher

85.21 (Nov 18 2020) and higher

90.04 (Aug 10 2020) and higher

55.10 (Jul 15 2020) and higher

When using PM85 A8 85.26 (Mar 31 2022)

Especially, if you are using PM85 A8 85.26 (Mar 31 2022), you need to update the FOTA application once more.

When you are using other older or newer versions, there is no need to update the FOTA app.

How to Install the APK File?

  1. Download the FOTA application of proper model from the Point Mobile Service Portal.

  2. Copy an appropriate APK file to your device.

  3. Go to FileExplorer  and install the APK file.

    You may allow the Unknown sources setting value for installing the file.

    After installing the new FOTA application, DISABLE the Unknown sources option for preventing security issues.

    Warning DialogSettings

  4. After installing, Navigate to Settings > System > System Update.
    (Same as previous FOTA)