41.10 (Oct 17 2023)

Release Notes

PM451 VoC


Requested to allow WPA protocol connection

→ Allowed to connect a SSID using the WPA protocol connection.


Requested to fix the symptom that a wrong barcode is read instead of the aimed one (only for EX30 scanner).

→ Adjusted the default fixed offset.




System Information: Added radio generation & antenna information in Radio > WLAN section.

Program Buttons: Added flashlight function to map with a button.

More> Turn on / off Flashlight using Hardware Button

EmSettings: Added an option to select whether to use or not the manual screen rotation icon on the navigation bar.

More> Disable Manual Screen Rotation Icon on Navigation Bar



Added Intercharacter delay setting to deliver a delay time between each character of the decoded data.

More> ScanSettings User Guide - Basic

Added new PEW action, Change to lower case, to change all characters to lower case.

More> ScanSettings User Guide - Extended Wedge (PEW)


PEW > Send Delay action can be applied between the other actions.

Operating System


Added a feature that displays device information when scanning a special barcode.

More > Check Device Information by Scanning Special Barcodes

Added new battery health index in Settings > Battery for more accurate battery lifetime estimation.

Added an ability to calculate the battery lifetime indexes by OS itself.


Updated Iran Standard Time, IRST (Tehran) to UTC+03:30.

More> Changed Iran Standard Time (Abolished Daylight Saving Time, DST)

Added options to select the shutter sound between old (PM80's) and new (PM90's) in the Developer options > More. Find Camera Shutter Sound and turn on the switch to use old shutter sound.
System restricts setup wizard proceeding when a provisioning configuration exists in the enterprise storage to wait for the automatic provisioning.
Improved system update (FOTA) to display an error message to check why the update failed.
System restricts not display of the power menu when the side scan button and power button are pressed at about the same time. (To prevent inconvenience caused by mis-pressing.)



Improved the private mobile network setting to have ability to automatic setting.

41.09 (Mar 28 2023)

Release Notes



Added a setting making the trigger always turned on to support user applications running above the lock screen.

More> ScanSettings User Guide - Basic - Always trigger enable

Improved stability of SE965 scanner type's decoding procedure by blocking additional decoding while the previous decoding is in progress.




1) Added settings for controlling the navigation bar, Hide navigation bar & Control button order.

More > Hide On-Screen Navigation Bar

2) Added ability to set notifications (sound & vibration) when pressing a button on the keypad.

More> EmSettings Guide - Physical keypad settings

3) Categorized settings and improved UI for intuitive recognition.

Program Buttons: 

1) Meta option for mapping the Ctrl and Shift key combination behavior easily.

More> Map Direct Input Feature to Button (Including Meta Option)

2) Added a feature to lock the touch action using a button.

More> Lock Touch Screen Input

Scan2Set: Added ability to use alias for Wi-Fi certificate when provisioning using QR code.

More> Set Wi-Fi Certificate Alias When Generating QR Code for Provisioning


Program Buttons: New smart remap feature and improved UI helps you remap and control the button functions easier.

More> Program Buttons (V2) User Guide

Direct Clone: Improved backup category name for better understanding of the listed applications

Scanner / ScanSettings


Added IP Send function that sends the barcode data to an IP address through TCP/UDP protocol.

More> IP Send & RemoteWedge

Added a setting to adjust the size of TouchScan button.

More> ScanSettings User Guide - Basic - TouchScan

Added a setting to exit the auto scan mode by button.

More> ScanSettings User Guide - Basic - Auto Scan

Added new PEW actions:

  • Change to upper case: Changes all characters to upper case.
  • Send up to char / string: Sends only the part before a specific character or string.

More> [PEW] Send Data Up to Specific Character / String

Added an option to read a QR code:

  • with no quiet zone (low-contrast background) → No Quiet Zone
  • with out of standard finder pattern → Non square decoding

More> How to Read QR Code that is Out of Standard

Device Settings


Added a setting to use a floating action button to show/hide the virtual keyboard.

More> Hide/Show Virtual Keyboard with Floating Button


Improved system update (FOTA) to display an error message to check why the update failed.

Operating System


Enterprise Storage: Added availability to custom boot animation using enterprise storage.

More> Custom Boot Animation


Hot Swap Mode: Enhanced stability of hot swap mode by restricting the time to enter hot swap mode to the time of completion of booting.



Default mapped features of SoftLeftKey & SoftRightKey has been changed based on user experience.






Added a setting for PNO (Wi-Fi preferred network offload) Scan Interval.

More> Instruction of WLAN Detail Settings

41.08 (Jul 11 2022)

  • SDK: v3.21.06
  • Security Patch: 2022-06-05
Release Notes

<New / Improved Functions on PM451 >

Added / Improved Functions

For more detail, check the release notes from Service Portal.

41.07 (May 24 2022)

  • SDK: v3.21.06
  • Security Patch: 2022-04-05
Release Notes

Find the VoC related to 41.07 version on the below table.




KoreaRequested to prevent occuring KeyEvent twice after changing key via KCM fileImproved not to occur keyEvent twice when the key is set as fallback behavior
EuropeRequested to apply keystroke method when transmitting the decoded dataAvailable to choose between Keyboard Event (Multiple) and Keyboard Event (Single)
U.S.Requested to support the scanner wedge function that trims the last digits of the dataAdded Remove back to action to PEW

<New / Improved Functions on PM451 >

Added / Improved Functions

  • Google security patch (2022-04-05)
  • [EmLogTool] Expanded available log types (see below list) and improved user experience design
    • Logcat with configurable buffers
    • Kernel message
    • Snapshot
    • Traces
    • WLAN Driver
    • TCPDump
  • [Scanner] Segmented the result type of Keyboard Event to Keyboard Event (Multiple) and Keyboard Event (Single), to ScanSettings to meet more various scanner use case

41.06 (Feb 25 2022)

  • SDK: v3.21.01
  • Security Patch: 2022-01-05
Release Notes

Find the VoC related to 41.06 (Feb 25 2022) on the below table.

KoreaRequested to add a function to restrict USB module connectionAdded API to the system
Also supported through Scan2Stage (From v10.1.2 and compatible client app)
Requested smooth restoration KCM file through Direct CloneSupported by making the appropriate directory for KCM file when the directory is not existing
U.S.Requested to add WLAN log optionAdded WLAN log menu in EmLogTool
Requested to remove the File Download dialog during provisioning through Scan2SetRemoved the dialog when the file overwrite checking is not required
JapanRequested to prevent writing a wrong string to an NFC tag URI typeChanged inappropriate URI record byte

<New / Improved Functions on PM451 >

Added / Improved Functions

  • (Enterprise Storage) Added a function to reset the enterprise storage
  • (Enterprise Storage) Supports AutoInstall feature for apk file in enterprise storage
    Related article

41.05 (Nov 22 2021)

  • SDK: v3.21.0
  • Security Patch: 2021-10-05
Release Notes

Find the VOC related to 41.05 (Nov 22 2021) on the below table.


Requested to simplify the QR code provisioning
process in Setup Wizard screen
Provisioning process will be started once scanning the QR code,
without launching Scan2Set manually
Requested to support Enterprise storage

Added /enterprise/usr/  storage which can be used for backup the provisioning data 
(Related article)

Requested a way to identify information
that barcode data came from
Added new intent field, Source of Scanner

<New / Improved Functions on PM451>

Added / Improved Functions

  • Google Security Patch Update (2021-10-05) 
  • (Scanner) Reduced Quiet Zone
  • (Scanner) Disabled power save mode by default to prioritize performance
  • (WLAN) Updated Detail Settings for 5G preference roaming

41.04 (Aug 24 2021)

  • SDK: v3.19.29
  • Security Patch: 2021-07-05
Release Notes

Find the VOC related to 41.04 (Aug 24 2021) on the below table.

KoreaRequested to add a Key Macro function on Program Buttons

Added the Key Macro function on Program Buttons in EmKit

EmKit > Program Buttons > PROPERTIES > Select a key and tap KeyMacro

Cannot enter characters consecutively by physical keyboard on the Note ApplicationFixed to allow entering characters continuously with the physical keyboard
U.S.Scan beam keeps on when pressing the scan button while entering the suspend mode by pressing the power keyChanged to perform the scanner suspend process right after screen-off to prevent that scan beam keeps turned on while processing the other action

Added "Telstra.internet" APN name (Telstra internet doesn't work)

Check the new and improved functions on PM451

Added / Improved Functions

  • [WLAN] Applied patch for FragAttacks to strengthen security vulnerabilities that affect Wi-Fi network
  • Changed Navigation Key positions




  • Changed UI to display IMEL/IMSI information on EmKit > System Information
  • Removed MobiControl application in EmKit
  • [Scanner] Improved the Scan Success Beep sound

41.03 (May 28 2021)

  • SDK: v3.19.27
  • Security Patch: 2021-04-05
Release Notes

Find the VOC related to 41.03 on the below table.




U.S.Scan beam keeps on when pressing the scan button while entering the suspend mode by pressing the power keyChanged to perform the scanner suspend process right after screen-off
MalaysiaKeypad is not working on the pop-up dialog of the client's 3rd party solution applicationFixed by applying Focus patch on Android 10

Check the improved and added functions on PM451.

Added / Improved Functions

  • Support checking OS version on Setup wizard
  • Support PowerLauncher lock in timeout
  • Added Korean & Chinese (Pinyin) language pack for Gboard
  • Added back button on pages of System Information in EmKit
  • Added Australia emergency number to the emergency list
  • Applied new Scan Success beep sound
  • Blinking LED 5 times and power-off when trying to power on with low-battery